Create a Better Consumer Experience Through Flexible, High-Performance Connectivity

Solutions for Retail Applications

300男人和女人做人爱视频appFrom point-of-sale solutions that keep the register ringing to proximity-aware beaconing for enriched customer experience, Silicon Labs' portfolio of low-power connectivity tools increase simplicity and lower cost for retail designs.

Asset Tracking

300男人和女人做人爱视频appDevelop intelligent asset tags and trackers for accurate and automated inventory use and location monitoring.

Cold Chain

Monitor and control proper temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions throughout the supply chain with low-power, high-performance devices.


Unlock the potential of location-based, proximity-aware applications to improve customer experience, manage supply chains, and push data to the cloud.

Point of Sale

300男人和女人做人爱视频appKeep the wheels of commerce turning with embedded modems, silicon DAAs, and mixed-signal MCUs for cost-effective PoS solutions.

Commercial Lighting

300男人和女人做人爱视频appLighting can have a dramatic influence on how people interact with the world around them, and our tools bring customization and control to commercial designs.

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