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Bluetooth Low Energy Kits

Kit Part Number Description Price (USD) Buy
xGM210x Wireless Gecko Module Starter Kit NEW SLSTK6102A The xGM210x Wireless Gecko Starter Kit is a powerful starter kit with all the hardware and support tools needed to help you create xGM210P-based Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, or multi-protocol connectivity and networking solutions. $320
EFR32 Wireless Gecko Starter Kit SLWSTK6006A The EFR32xG21 Wireless Start Kit supports Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread and Multiprotocol Zigbee/Bluetooth software stacks. Our software provides one-click access to design tools, documentation, software and support resources for Wireless Modules and SoCs using Bluetooth. $479
Blue Gecko BLE SiP Module Starter Kit SLWSTK6101D The Blue Gecko Bluetooth Low Energy SiP Module Wireless Starter Kit for BGM13S and BGM13P modules is the easiest and fastest way to start evaluation and development of your own Bluetooth applications. This kit supports Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth beacon specifications.
EFR32™ Blue Gecko BLE SoC Starter Kit SLWSTK6020B The Blue Gecko Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless SoC Starter Kit includes a Bluetooth Low Energy Software Stack and integrated debug adapter. This enables developers to quickly establish a Bluetooth connection and evaluate Blue Gecko SoCs. This kit supports Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth beacon, and Bluetooth mesh specifications.
Wireless Xpress BGX13P Starter Kit SLEXP8027A The Wireless Xpress BGX13P evaluation kit includes a Bluetooth Xpress BGX13P module, serial to USB bridge device, full pin access, and an expansion header to connect to all EFM8 and EFM32 Silicon Labs starter kits.  $40
Bluegiga DKBLE BLE Development Kit DKBLE The DKBLE Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit provides the proper environment for developing and prototyping Bluetooth applications with Bluegiga Bluetooth LE Modules.  $175
Bluegiga BT111 Bluetooth HCI Module Development Kit DKBT111 The BT111 Bluetooth Development Kit can be used to quickly assess the BT111 Bluetooth HCI Module and all piloting Bluetooth 4.0 applications. $148
Bluegiga DKBT BLE Development Kit DKBT The DKBT Bluetooth Ready Development Kit provides the proper environment for developing and prototyping Bluetooh applications with Bluegiga Bluetooth LE modules. $175

Bluetooth BR/EDR Kits

Kit Part Number Description Price (USD) Buy
Bluegiga WT12 Bluetooth Classic Development Kit EBWT12-A The WT12 Bluetooth Development Kit is designed to assess the WT12 Bluetooth module and all piloting Bluetooth applications.  $220
Bluegiga WT32i Bluetooth Classic Audio Development Kit DKWT32i-A The WT32i Bluetooth development kit is designed for evaluating the WT32i Bluetooth Audio Module and prototyping Bluetooth stereo and mono audio applications.  $190
Bluegiga WT11u Bluetooth Smart Development Kit EBWT11u The WT11u Bluetooth® Development Kit is designed to assess the WT11u Bluetooth module or prototyping and all piloting Bluetooth applications.
Bluegiga WT41u Bluetooth Development Kit EBWT41u The WT41u Bluetooth® Development Kit is designed to assess the WT41u Long Range Bluetooth module or prototyping and all piloting long-range Bluetooth applications.

Thunderboard Kits

Kit Part Number Description Price (USD) Buy
Thunderboard React Kit for Sensor to Cloud Connectivity RD-0057-0201 Thunderboard React makes it easy to test and prototype an IoT application. It has leading set of sensors and connects using Bluetooth Low Energy to the free mobile app. $29
Thunderboard React Derby Car Kit CARKIT The Car Kit bundles a Pinewood Derby car with your Thunderboard React board. The Thunderboard React can be mounted on the Derby car, and with the free mobile app you can measure the speed and movements of the car. $59
Thunderboard Sense 2, Sensor to Cloud and IoT Advanced Developent Kit SLTB004A Thunderboard Sense 2 is an upgrade to the original Sense Kit featuring updated sensors and an EFR32MG12 SoC with 4x Flash and RAM plus advanced BLE capabilities. It is ideally suited for developing a wide range of IoT applications.

Bluetooth Software

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