8-bit Microcontroller Development Tools

Silicon Labs offers both software and hardware development tools to support designers using our 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs)300男人和女人做人爱视频app with a high-performance pipelined 8051 microcontroller core. Below is a list of the evaluation kits and development kits available to demonstrate and evaluate the performance of our products.

Get Started with 8-bit MCU Kits

Step-by-step instructions and access to software and development resources.

EFM8 Starter Kits

Kit Description Price (USD) Add to Cart
SLSTK2020A AEC-Q100 Qualified MCU Busy Bee (BB1) Starter Kit  $29.99
SLSTK2021A High Performance 50 MHz Busy Bee (BB2) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2022A High Flash Capacity 50 MHz Busy Bee (BB3) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2030A Precision Analog Laser Bee MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2010A Capacitive Touch Sense Sleepy Bee (SB1) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2011A High Flash Capacity Sleepy Bee (SB2) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2000A USB Capable Universal Bee (UB1) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLSTK2001A EMIF and USB Capable Universal Bee (UB2) MCU Starter Kit $29.99
SLTB005A USB Capable Universal Bee (UB3) MCU Thunderboard Kit $24.99
EFM8BB1LCK NEW Low Cost Busy Bee 1 (BB1) Kit $6.25

8051 8-bit MCU Development Kits

Kit Description Price (USD) Add to Cart
C8051F005DK Development Kit for C8051F000, F001, F002, F003, F004, F005, F006, F007, F010, F011, F012, F015, F016, F017, F018 and F019 Analog-Intensive MCUs $69
C8051F020DK Development Kit for C8051F020, F021, F022 and F023 Analog-Intensive MCUs $79
C8051F040DK Development Kit for C8051F040, F041, F042, F043, F044, F045, F046 and F047 Analog-Intensive MCUs $179
C8051F060DK Development Kit for C8051F060, F061, F062, F063, F064, F065, F066 and F067 Analog-Intensive MCUs $179
C8051F120DK Development Kit for C8051F120, F121, F122, F123, F124, F125, F126, F127, F130, F131, F132 and F133 Analog-Intensive MCUs $99
C8051F206DK Development Kit for C8051F206 Small MCU $69
C8051F226DK Development Kit for C8051F220, F221, F226, F230, F231, and F236 Small MCUs $69
C8051F300DK Development Kit for C8051F300, F301, F302, F303, F304, and F305 Small MCUs $69
C8051F310DK Development Kit for C8051F310, F311, F312, F313, F314, F315, F316 and F317 Small MCUs $69
C8051F320DK Development Kit for C8051F320 and F321 USB MCUs $99
C8051F326DK Development Kit for C8051F326 and F327 USB MCUs $99
C8051F330DK Development Kit for C8051F330, F330D, F331, F332, F333, F334 and F335 Small MCUs $69
C8051F336DK Development Kit for C8051F336, F337, F338 and F339 Small MCUs $99
C8051F340DK Development Kit for C8051F340, F341, F342, F343, F344, F345, F346 and F347 USB MCUs $99
C8051F350DK Development Kit for C8051F350, F351, F352 and F353 Analog-Intensive MCUs $99
C8051F360DK Development Kit for C8051F360, F361 and F362 Small MCUs $99
C8051F370DK​ Development Kit for the C8051F370, F371, F374 and F375 Small MCUs $69.99​
C8051F380DK Development Kit for C8051F380, F381, F382, F383, F384, F385, F386 and F387 USB MCUs $99
C8051F390-A-DK Development Kit​ for the C8051F390, F391, F392, F393, F394, F395, F396, F397, F398 and F399 Small MCUs $69​
C8051F410DK Development Kit for C8051F410, F411, F412 and F413 Small MCUs $99
C8051F500DK Development Kit for C8051F500, F501, F502, F503, F504, F505, F506, F507, F508, F509, F510 and F511 Automotive and Industrial MCUs $99
C8051F530ADK Development Kit for C8051F520A F521A, F523A, F524A, F526A, F527A, F530A, F531A, F533A, F534A, F536A and F537A Automotive and Industrial MCUs $99
C8051F540DK Development Kit for C8051F540, F541, F542, F543, F544, F545, F546 and F547 Automotive and Industrial MCUs $99
C8051F560DK Development Kit for C8051F550, F551, F552, F553, F554, F555, F556, F557, F560, F561, F562, F563, F564, F565, F566, F567, F568, F569, F570, F571, F572, F573, F574 and F575 Automotive and Industrial MCUs $99
C8051F580DK Development Kit for C8051F580, F581, F582, F583, F584, F585, F586, F587, F588, F589, F590 and F591 Automotive and Industrial MCUs $99
C8051F800DK Development Kit for C8051F800, F801, F802, F803, F804, F805, F806, F807, F808, F809, F810, F811, F812, F813, F814, F815, F816, F817, F818, F819, F820, F821, F822, F823, F824, F825, F826, F827, F828, F829, F830, F831, F832, F833, F834 and F835 Capacitive Touch Sense MCUs $99
C8051F850-B-DK Development Kit for C8051F850, F851, F852, F853, F854, F855, F860, F861, F862, F863, F864 and F865 low-cost small form factor microcontrollers $64
C8051F912DK Development Kit for C8051F901, F902, F911 and F912 ultra low power microcontrollers $99
C8051F930DK Development Kit for C8051F920, F921, F930 and F931 Ultra Low Power MCUs $99
C8051F960-A-DK​ Development Kit for C8051F960, F961, F962, F963, F964, F965, F966, F967, F968 and F969​ Ultra Low Power MCUs $129​
C8051F996DK Development Kit for C8051F980, F981, F982, F983, F985, F986, F987, F988, F989, F990, F991, F996 and F997 Ultra Low Power MCUs $99
C8051T610DK Development Kit for C8051T610, T611, T612, T613, T614, T615, T616 and T617 OTP EPROM MCUs $129
C8051T620DK Development Kit for C8051T620, T621, T626, T627, T320, T321, T322 and T323 USB MCUs $129
C8051T622DK Development Kit for C8051T622, T623, T326 and T327 USB MCUs $129
C8051T630DK Development Kit for C8051T630, T631, T632, T633, T634 and T635 MCUs $149

8-bit Evaluation Kit

Kit Description Price (USD) Add to Cart
C8051F064EK Evaluation Kit showcases the exceptional SINAD performance of the on-chip 16-bit, 1 Msps ADC systems on C8051F06x family $99
ISOLATED-USB-EK  Expansion board for EFM32 and EFM8 Starter Kits that converts the MCU Starter Kit into an isolated USB system $34.99
ISOLATED-RS-EK Expansion board for EFM32 and EFM8 Starter Kits that converts the MCU Starter Kit into an isolated RS232 and RS485 system

8-bit Reference Designs

Kit Description Price (USD) Add to Cart
C8051F850-BLDC-RD C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design $165
SLBLDC-MTR-RD Sensorless BLDC Motor Reference Design $119
STEPPER-MTR-RD Stepper Motor Reference Design $119
SLRDK1000A USB Type-C Rechargeable Battery Pack Dual Role Port Reference Design $51.99
SLRDK1001A USB Type-C High Power Charger Reference Design $51.25
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